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The Best Ever You Show is a top rated international radio show on BlogTalkRadio. 

Welcome to The Best Ever You Show with your hosts Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino & Dr. Walter E. Jacobson. We'd like to personally thank you for helping us become a #1 rated LIVE show with nearly 2 million listeners! We are on a mission to share information that matters, to raise awareness regarding important personal and global issues, and to inspire excellence within each of us that will transform our world. Best Ever You is a place for you to discover your authentic, best self and help you create and implement a life plan where each moment in your life is meaningful, rewarding, and propels you towards the fulfillment of your goals and dreams. Our goal is to help you to connect, in the best ways possible, to yourself, to those around you and to the world as a whole. #BestEverYou

The Best Ever You Show has welcomed hundreds of experts and celebrities including: Jack Canfield, Dr. Ivan Misner, Dr. Pam Popper, Don Miguel Ruiz, Reid Tracy, The Lennon Sisters, Lee Phillip Bell, Michael Maloney, Ed Asner, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Gary Kobat, Alana Stewart, Michael McGlone, Bobby Roth, Tosca Reno, Shea Vaughn, Eileen Davidson, Susan Baker, and many more. 

We feature Real People, Real Advice, Real Places, Real Products & Businesses, Real Life Stories and more, including real celebrity life. Best Ever You is committed to helping you be your best and keep it real – Be confident, successful, caring and beautiful, every day!