Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
Discover How to Be Your Best
Keynote / Public Speaking
We would be honored to be present with you at your next event.  Select members of our  Best Ever You Team are available for keynote speaking engagements and other requests.

Our Speakers

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Hay House author, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, founder and CEO of the Best Ever You Network, understands firsthand the challenges life can bring and has worked with thousands across the globe to illuminate their light within and help them live their best life. She has a degree in communications and broadcasting; is a life coach, food-allergy expert, and anaphylaxis survivor; and is the host of The Best Ever You Show, which has over one million downloads. Elizabeth took a huge leap of faith in 2009 to leave a seventeen year career in the financial services industry to start The Best Ever You Network and become a talk show host and author. Elizabeth is the author of Percolate - Let Your Best Self Filter Through (Spring 2014, Hay House).

Speeches Include but not limited to:
  • What's Your Why?
  • How To Be Your Best You Yet!
  • What are you Percolating?
  • Create Your Best Life
  • The Percolate Process
  • Mutual Funds & Compliance Training
  • The Core of You!
  • How to use Social Media for Business
  • Your Moments Matter
  • Stay Alive and Thrive with Food Allergies
Rate: $2,000 - $5,000 per appearance
Will donate based on topic, availability and venue.

Past Speaking Includes:
  • Think Local Networking - Maine
  • Conference Chair and Keynote Speaker - New York City, The Manhattan Club: EDGAR Training Conference with the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Conference Chair and Keynote Speaker - Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Portland (OR), Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco:  EDGAR Training Conference with the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Dewey Ballantine: New York City
  • Preston, Gates & Ellis: Seattle 
  • Portland, Maine Chamber of Commerce
  • Host and emcee, Youth Alternatives Gala
  • Host of Best Ever You on Blog Talk Radio
  • News Reporting/Anchoring
  • Corporate Trainer, Merrill Corporation
  • Corporate Consultant (companies not listed)
  • MedicAlert Foundation 

For more information contact: Sheri Goldberg (Sherig4pr@aol.com)

Gary Kobat

Once in a rare while you come across a "Spirit" who is willing to set the record straight and tell you a truth that will shift the way you think about yourself, and the world. When it comes to re-discovering yourself - awakening, healing, and stepping into your true power, from the heart, with love, courage, and truth - Gary Kobat is that "Spirit".
Quickly becoming a world-known authority in the field of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Sport, Gary is the best friend anyone's self-esteem and self-worth can ever have.

He's been feted as everything from a world class athlete and author, spiritual intuitive, trainer to the stars, international inspirational speaker, and Integrative Performance Coach. Known around the world for the last 25 years as "The Re-Inventor", "The Transformer", or "Olympic Mentalist" - ask him what his occupation is, he simply responds, "People call me Gary. I assist people in their awakening."

Utilizing ancient wisdom and cutting-edge trends in human performance, Gary's energy for life has guided transformation and evolution for thousands - dynamically assisting in their legendary results. 

Gary's client list includes the who's who in film, business, and sport. For the past two decades he has quietly mentored the spirituality, health, and longevity of Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, Mariska Hargitay, CEO's, Pro Athletes, Medal-Winning Olympians, and countless others.