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Rhythm of Bliss
by D. Ellis Phelps on January 15th, 2015

Why do I do the things I do?  Here is my honest answer:  I want to be included.  I want to be noticed.  I want to be appreciated.  I want to be heard.  I want to be understood.  I want to understand.  I want to connect.  I want to make a viable income doing what I love.  I want to thrive being who I am: an expressive, passionate, lover of all that lives; a demanding, driven, intense, artistic woman.  I want to settle into the rhythm of bliss and help others do the same.
You may have noticed that it’s all about me.  That’s right.  It is.  I cannot possibly give to nor do for anyone else that which I do not myself possess. 

Possess: (verb).  to occupy in person;...to inhabit.

O I have bought the mansion of a love,
But not possess’d it.
Shakespeare (Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, 1983.)

For example, when doing any kind of energetic alignment therapy like Healing Touch or Craniosacral Therapy, healers are instructed to find their own center, to “drop-in” to a trance-like state of hyperawareness, listening to their own body rhythms:  the breath, the pulse.  We are instructed to settle inwardly and align our own energy centers, to release all thought and all need for knowing.  We are instructed to become the stillness into which we would like to invite the person with whom we are working.  We are asked to notice and acknowledge all holding or resistance we may find in our own bodies, becoming curious about it, simply wondering about what it might be like to release.

We are admonished not to try.
That’s different.  Wouldn’t you say?  Our cultural identity urges us to push, to impose our will, and even to go to war in the name of personal or national security or wellness.  We are encouraged to coerce others:   witness political campaigning or religious zealotry.  We use terms like “fighting cancer,” and “defending peace.”  By contrast, the gist of the concept I am writing about today is this:   you can’t get there from here. 
In other words, one cannot resonate (out) the vibration of peace if one does not resonate the vibration of peace (within). 
For example, if I am lonely, frightened, or ill or the same seems true for a loved one, while I am focused on the apparent problem, I will experience and therefore resonate the vibrational quality of loneliness, fear, or illness.  And whatever vibrational quality I habitually resonate, will become manifest in my experience.  Even if I am fervently praying for wellness to manifest in someone else, even if I am doing this in the name of Allah or Buddha or Jesus, what I am really doing is focusing on the problem and therefore resonating the vibrational quality of the problem. 
This is counter- productive.
One of the most profound teachings I have found on this concept comes from Esther and Jerry Hicks through The Teachings of Abraham in their book Ask and It Is Given (Hay House, Inc. 2004).  They write:

There is nothing that you or anyone else has ever wanted that exists for any other reason than you think you will feel better in the achieving of it.  Once you consciously identify your current state of emotion, it becomes easier for you to understand whether you are choosing thoughts that move you closer to your desired destination or further from your desired destination.  If you will make the improved feeling or emotion be your real destination, then anything and everything that you want will quickly follow (Hicks, 2004 p.296).
OH!  So, revisiting paragraph one of this essay, I must ask myself what do I really want; what feeling or emotion do I want to experience; what vibrational quality do I want to habitually resonate and therefore manifest in my reality?  MY answer is this: I want my habitual feeling state to resonate at the top of the “scale of emotions” as defined by The Teachings of Abraham. “Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/ [and] Appreciation (Hicks, 2004, p.297).” 

I want to vibrate the rhythm of bliss!  And, I want to understand that experiencing these emotions is not attached to achievement in ordinary reality or to circumstance, but instead to my imagination and my use of its power.
How will I do this?  Abraham says, “Look around less.  Imagine more.”  I agree.  It’s about focus.  When I place my focus Beyond [the] Boundaries of ordinary experience, denying the power of any negative emotion or perceived experience and claim instead that which may not be apparent to the human eye, detaching from the pull of the world, from commercialism, from consumerism, from effort, and from worry about what will be, I experience the rhythm of bliss.   
To direct my focus, I write in my journal or make art.  In my journal, I may start by telling the story of what is happening, letting my pen bleed out.  But then, I practice changing my focus from the apparent world to the Omnipotent World, that which is always present and operating on behalf of the Highest Good of All.  For this, I use the power of affirmation and denial.  I deny the power of the apparent problem and claim what seems to be lacking instead. 

For example, if I seem to be experiencing relational discomfort that looks like disrespect or disempowerment, I might write something like this: 

I deny the power of this apparent disrespect and resultant unhappiness, and I realize, energize, activate and claim All that is Good, Whole, Pure, and True.  I realize and claim Harmony, Ease, Comfort, Honor, and Care.

I go on, naming and claiming the qualities of the Divine, doing this until my vibrational frequency has shifted upward out of the apparent discomfort.  In addition to this, I may drum, smudge, chant, rattle, dance, paint, and sing to clear the energy.
To detach from the pull of the world I commune with nature.  For example, at this writing, I have just returned from three days of retreat:  bathing in the Guadalupe River, listening to the Cypress and the stones, lying on the ground under Sumac and Oak, writing, breathing, sobbing, and letting Great Silence do the work only It can do.    
In these ways, I become a fallow field, clear and rested.  I am fertile and receiving, as Great Mystery Unfolds.

image:  "Rhythm and Structure" used with permission of the artist, Jasan Hyung-gu Kang.  All rights reserved.

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