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The Best Ever Real You
by Cloris Kylie on September 30th, 2014

Teacher’s Pet. 

Those words defined my younger years. As a little girl, I learned to thrive on praise. I realized that if I followed the rules and did as I was told, I would gain the approval of every adult around me. Approval felt good, but it was addictive, and my thirst for being on the good side of everyone took over my life. 

My mother usually tells the story of how other moms would approach her while she was waiting to pick me up at school, and ask her what the secret was for raising the “perfect child.” I never got in trouble. The one time a teacher caught me talking to another girl in class, the other girl was the one to get scolded, because the teacher reasoned I couldn’t have been the one initiating the conversation. In the eyes of the teacher, the other girl must’ve been the “bad influence.” 

And yes, I graduated valedictorian, but as I headed to the podium to receive my high-school diploma, the heavy burden of striving for perfection weighed heavily on my shoulders. 
In college, I soon realized that if I continued trying to be perfect and to please everyone, I would go insane. I started being truer to myself, and my perception of the world and my place in it changed. 

It’s been a long journey, but I’ve gathered enough wisdom to share it with you as you aim to become the best ever you. 

The best ever you isn’t perfect. As you better yourself, you’ll make mistakes. What matters is to learn from those mistakes and gather enough information so you can anticipate similar problems in the future. View life as a series of tests. If you don’t pass a test, you’ll be automatically scheduled for a retake. 

The best every you is lovable. Many of us feel as though we’re not deserving of happiness and joy until we become who we’ve always wanted to be. You already are a magnificent creation, worthy of all the goodness in the world and beyond. You’ll be able to extend love to others only when you love yourself, because you can only give away what you have inside. 
The best ever you is unique. Trying to fit in a mold will usually result in dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Appreciate your individual strengths and even your quirks, because they make you a special being capable of unique accomplishments. 

The best ever you won’t be liked by everyone. Even the highest quality video on YouTube will have several “thumbs down.” It’s impossible to please everyone, so follow your true path and learn to become independent of the good opinion of others. 

The best ever you is evolving. Your personal goals will probably change as time goes by, and that’s okay. Changing your mind isn’t a sign of weakness, but a sign that you’re in tune with your true self. 

The best ever you is available now. Realize that the power to be who you want to be and to manifest your desires is in you now. To be able to tap into this power, you only need to be still, live in the now, and pursue your true calling. 

The best ever you feels good. When you’re true to yourself, you’ll feel good. If a sense of apprehension, anxiety, or stress takes over, your self-improvement efforts are probably driven by the need to please someone or by the desire to prove that you’re better than other people. 

As Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “True nobility is not about being better than anyone else. It’s about being better than you used to be.” 

I continue growing and bettering myself. I still enjoy being liked, but I know that I will not compromise my values to please others. 

Be the best ever real you starting today!

About Author

Cloris Kylie is a personal development author, motivational speaker, coach, and radio show host who helps you connect with your inner power to manifest an extraordinary life. A sought-after lecturer and receiver of top communication and leadership awards, Cloris reaches every corner of the world through her blog, online courses, and radio show. Her new book is Magnificent…Married or Not: Reaching Your Highest Self Before, During, and After Divorce.

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