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Featuring You! Meet Anthony Raymond Scruggs
by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino on September 15th, 2013

How did you get to be where you are today?
My parents gifted me, with the name, Anthony Raymond Scruggs (Tony), & I'm a former Major League Baseball Player (Bush "Texas Ranger"), & Montessori-Methodist, from "Preppy Palo Alto", of African-Ancestry (Shade of Brown), turned thespian, turned Empathy-Coach, who teaches "NonViolent Communication" (Speaking Peace) with my "Same-Gender Romantic" (LGBTQ) Father (inspired by our trip to India, with Arun Gandhi & the Gandhi family)!
How do you help others be their best?
Empathy, is hearing what people are Feeling, & seeing what people are Needing..."NonViolent Communication", is a 4 part, way of speaking, where we can Connect, to ourselves, & others...the way, that I remind others, of their Brilliance (illumination), is by Connecting to the depths of their Soul, & once they're heard, helping them, Manifest their Intention, of the Grandest Version, of their Greatest Vision (that they have, for themselves)...a "Do-Be Coach" (People tell me, what they wanna do, & I share my Beliefs, on "How-To-Be", to align with that)

How do you help yourself be the best you can be?
My Morning Routine, includes "Yoga, Mediation, & Exercise" (daily)...& I listen to audio-books, & Inspirationalists, in relation to music!
Tell us about some special in your life?
If the Q, is "someone", My Mother (PhD in Psychology), recently left her "Earth-Suit" (RIP 11.10.12), & as an American of African-Ancestry, who strove to the peak, of her "Professional Mountain", with Love & Compassion, she inspired me, to do the same!
If the Q, is "something", I was raised, on Ski's, with Horses, Skates, & Swimming, so my cultural experience, was meshed with Privilege, & @ the same time, my appearance, triggered a set of "Less than favorable stereotypes", that gifted me with Empathy, for "Yet to be" or "Less than Privileged" groups...feel me?


What’s new in your life?
My Radio Show ("Sunday Night Conversation, with SiMBa & the Lion King"), that my Father & I, do, every Sunday Night, on Blog Talk Radio (http://tobtr.com/s/5319193), & my Blog (special report ~ http://wp.me/p3rZMY-3o)

Have you ever been fired?
Most of my Professional Career, has been in the Entertainment Industry (be it, Sports, Acting, or teaching #NonViolentCommunication), so I guess, I've been released, in Sports, & auditioned for jobs, that someone else received, but I've not heard the words, "You're Fired"

What are your real passions?
When someone, places their Heart, into my hands, & says, "I Trust you", that's what fills my Soul...if Passion, is fuel, in the "Faith & Action Car", my Needs, for Contributing to the well-being, of members of "Team Humanity", include, 1) Contemplating, the most Compassionate way, to say anything, to anyone, 2) Exploring the Symphonic Needs, that we all have, & the different strategies we use, to fulfill them, & 3) Learning from the same people, who I'm helping, as I "Hold the Belief", that asking the questions "What am I here to learn? & "What is this person, here to teach me?"are important for balance & serenity!
Personally, 1) Softball, 2) Rollerblading, 3) Musical Poetry, & 4) Contemplating Life
If you won the lotto what would you do?
I learned, the Value of Money, in my 20's, while playing in the Big Leagues (basically, all the money in the world, doesn't create Joy & Happiness), so since I've spent the last two decades, choosing to be Happy, & cultivating it daily, if I won the LOTTO, I'd find productive ways, to give it away, & save enough, to create "Predictability & Comfort", for Loved One's

What do you hope to accomplish in the future?
I will, be the 1st person, to do all three segments of "Super Soul Sunday" (Life-Class, Master-Class, & the Morning SSS)...the intent, is to change the Infrastructure, of Connection & Communication (I've already done that, so I'm Grateful, that I'll share it with the World, & shift the Paradigm, towards Empathy & Compassion)
What do you like to do in your personal life?
Meet people's Needs, to be "Seen, Heard, & Understood", & create Musical Poetry (Empathy Hip Hop, with Heavy Metal, Jazz, & Country beats)
Please give us one or two shameless plugs?
1) #BestEverYou, is the most Wonderful, comprehensive, "Next Generation", Inspirational programming, that I've ever heard
2) My Musical Poem, inspired by Oprah, Eckhart Tolle, & #NonViolentCommunication (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayfSD8fLIRg), & The most Empathic, Synergistic, Synchronistic, & "riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma", website, EVER (http://wp.me/3rZMY) #NonViolentPersonalPower
Please give us one plug for someone else or your favorite cause or charity?
My friend, & professional mentor, the ineffable, @DyanDiamond (http://dyandiamond.net/), & our current "Home of Creativity", @TrueNorthHouse (http://truenorthhouse.com/)
My @Twitter handles, are @Ucla444, @Scruggzy, & @SiMBaSays444
What is your favorite book to recommend to someone else to read?
Empathic Civilization ~Jeremy Rifkin
What are some of your favorites? (books, websites, etc..)?
1) Psycho-Cybernetics ~Maxwell Maltz
2) Personal Power ~Tony Robbins
3) Speaking Peace ~Marshall B Rosenberg
4) 7 Habits, of Highly Effective People ~Stephen Covey (RIP)
*Twitter, Google, Facebook, NVPP, & Phone Scoop
Share a secret ;)
"Everything, is to be HONORED, but nothing Matters, lest thinking, make it so", & "If you change the way, you look at things, the things you look at, CHANGE" (personally, I want to go back, & play in the Big Leagues)

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Rafiki - October 22nd, 2014 at 6:14 PM
Tony is a light to others. God bless him.
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