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Featuring You! Meet Nikita Varma
by Jelena Jill Mijanovic on September 6th, 2013

I am very honored to issue our Best Ever You Blue Ribbon Award to the NIKITTA label and to Nikita Varma.  Thank you for all you do.  Love, Elizabeth

Meet Nikita Varma, a talented young designer based in NYC. Her label NIKITTA  is a contemporary designer womenswear label for young women and those who are young at heart.  Beautiful, upbeat, always with a smile, Nikita shares her journey with us.

Q: Nikita, at what exact moment did you know that you wanted to become a fashion designer?
A: I have always been drawn towards art and spent my childhood learning all kinds of art like painting, sketching, life drawing and fabric painting to name a few. By the time I was in college, I got specially interested in designing clothes and started designing dresses for myself and eventually for my friends. I got a lot of encouragement from my art teachers, friends and family who acknowledged my creative talents and as a result I decided I wanted to become a fashion designer and convert my hobby into a career.

Q: Who were your role models in the industry?
A: I have never really had a specific role model in the industry. Although I have been inspired by the lives and works of many accomplished designers like Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior to name a few of the very popular names in the industry. My role models have actually been entrepreneurs and creative artists, not necessarily in the fashion industry who have the do or die attitude and who don't give up till they succeed. That spirit is what motivates me to keep going and doing my best to achieve my dreams. 

Q: Have you personally met any of them? If yes, how did you feel at the encounter(s)?
A: I have personally met some designers like Ralph Rucci whose designs and design philosophy I really admire.

Q: What did you study at Parsons The New School for Design?
A: At Parsons, I did a program in Fashion Design, where I learnt the basics of creating a collection from inspiration and ideas and converting my sketches into actual garments. Besides this, I also learnt many other valuable aspects about the business of fashion, which is as important as being able to create beautiful clothing.
Q: What does it take for a budding star to make it big? 
A: To make it big, the first thing budding designer need is an undaunting conviction and faith in themselves that they can achieve their dreams and make it happen. They also need to put in tremendous amount of hard work, and be extremely patient and focused. They need to keep going and not give-up half way and keep discovering their path as they go. 

Q: When is your next fashion show?
A: I would probably do the next show in February.

Q: How do you prepare for a fashion show? Who chooses the models & who decides which ones will wear which dress?
A: A lot goes into the preparation of a Fashion show. Starting from choosing what pieces from the collection that would go on the runway, to styling the show, model casting, show choreography, music etc. Fashion show production is a very time consuming process which requires a lot of attention to detail. Many times it is done by people or a team who specialize in it, who support the designer to make decisions on all fronts. Model casting is mostly done by the designer or the design team who determine what clothes would look best on which model and which models would be able to present their garments perfectly. 

Q: What inspires you the most?
A: There is not one specific thing that inspires me. Different collections emerge from different inspirations, but if there is one thread that holds everything, I would say i am inspired by beauty, perfection and innovation and I hope to translate these into my own designs.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next decade?
A: I see myself as a successful designer who has created her own niche in the Fashion industry, and i see myself as a designer who continues to reinvent herself to create clothes that make women feel beautiful, confident and special.
Q: If you could describe your line of clothing, NIKITTA, in one sentence, what would it be?
A: NIKITTA is a womenswear contemporary designer label that exudes glamor, luxury, chic and femininity, often with an edge and a subtle boldness and every NIKITTA creation strives to harmonize art and fashion in an intriguing balance, expressing the designer’s unique creative sensibilities and vision through modern, innovative and alluring designs.
Q: How do materials we wear affect our skin breathing?
A: Pure fabrics like cotton and pure silks are some of the fabrics that are considered breathable and are good for our skin in that sense, as opposed to synthetic fabrics. It is always good to choose fabrics as per season, and thats why cotton is so popular during summers.

Q: How can one bring more style in their life if they're on a budget?
A: Being stylish does not necessarily mean spending a lot. One can be stylish, by first being conscious of their body types and the kind of clothing that would best suit them. They need not run after fads and trends if the particular trend does not flatter them. In addition one, can invest in a few basics like perfectly fitting trousers, jeans, skirts and tops and mix and match them as per occasions and dress them up or down with different accessories and shoes to make them look fresh and interesting. 

Q: What advice would you give to girls and boys who aspire to be fashion designers?
A: My advice to anyone who wants to become a fashion designer, is to believe in your own talents and have a dream and then work really hard towards achieving those dreams. It is a good idea to attend fashion school to gain technical knowledge and hone your talents and skills, and apprentice and work with other talented designers, to learn the ropes of the business, before deciding to branch out on your own.

Q: What stores carry your line of clothing and how can one order them online?  
A: Currently my collections are sold in multi-designer stores in India, and I am working towards making them available in the US market.

Q: What do you do to relax in your time off?
A: In my free time, I like to listen to good music, read inspirational books, meditate, travel and spend time with good company. This helps me relax and regenerate which helps me in bringing balance in my life and also helps me in my creative work.

Q: What advice did your Mom & Dad give you when you were heading to the USA?
A: My parents adviced me to always be the best I can be, to never get intimidated, to be strong and to never give up.

Q: Who is the person that inspires you the most & why?
A: I would have to say my parents. My dad for his ambition, intelligence, vision and hard work and my mom for her courage, determination and strength.

Q: If you could pick 1 word to describe yourself, what would it be?
A: Strong

Thank you, Nikita. Good luck with your career. We look forward to hearing about your success & to wearing many stylish dresses from NIKITTA. 

For More Info Visit:
website - www.nikitavarma.com
Twitter - @nikitavarma
Instagram- NIKITTAdesigns

About Jelena Jill Mijanovic

Jelena Jill Mijanovic is a holistic life coach, a peace ambassador and a practitioner of yoga, meditation, chanting, brain education, Vedic sciences and various forms of integrative medicine. Currently studying Acupuncture, Siddha Medicine and Dahn Yoga, Jill enjoys going on pilgrimages throughout the world. It's her passion to uplift and empower others by bringing them to sacred spots that heal, transform, help one hear their soul's song and fulfill their life's mission! Always in the company of holy ones and her furry 4 year old baby girl Neela, Jill aspires to open up an Academy in 2015 that will bring the best techniques from all the religions and lineages she studied to those seeing higher knowledge and the light. To reach Jill, e-mail her at jmijanovic@yahoo.com.

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