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A Best Ever Maine Lobster Day!
by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino on August 8th, 2013

They say the world's finest lobster comes from Maine.  My sons might argue that the world's finest candy comes from the stores in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  My husband and I might argue that the world's finest botanical gardens are here too :) We decided to head to Boothbay Harbor to see who was right :)

Yesterday, we met up with our friends & Captains Rusty Court and his son Eben to set out for a great lobstering adventure on their "Casey Anne" boat.  Not knowing much about lobstering, or boats for that matter, we were in for a day long treat.

Some distractions

Of course, on our way out, we were a bit distracted by the gorgeous boats. This one to the left is here for the Shipyard Cup this weekend, They are here to RACE 100 FT and Up. Fri. Sat. Sun.  
some future racers...

Ok, Back to work :)

This tank is filled with ocean water to hold lobsters.

Who's who in the ocean?

Lobsterman each have a color and a tag with a number.

Here we go...

Nope, we didn't catch this.  This is a lobster's favorite food.  In one trap we pulled up, as many as 15+ lobsters crowded in to snack.  My son asked, "Why, when one gets trapped, do others follow??"  -We didn't have a solidly great answer to that question! :) 
Lobsters pulled up in the trap.
Measured.  Some have to be thrown back in and others are kept and tagged.


I think I'll try on the gear :)

The pants sure beat any Mrs Maine evening gown :)  Very fashionable gloves too :)

Now that's a big lobster! (that had to go back in...)

What a great day learning about lobstering.  Thank you so much to Rusty and his son Eben for teaching us all about lobsters (and boats!) :)

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JAVINNO PURICELLI - August 8th, 2013 at 2:16 PM
Peter my Man, Between You and Elizabeth, you two bring tears to my eyes, because Seeing Certain Places That I Tend to Know Very Well, Does Something to Me. D****O

But anyway enough of about that; let me go ahead and describe these Beautiful Pictures that Depict some of the Magnificence, of a watery State that I love.

First up are the Vessels. Though each have their own uniqueness and style to them, Rusty%u2019s boat Casey Anne is for catching what lay beneath the waves, while the other Vessels were Specifically Designed to Glide Effortlessly across the water for pure Excitement and Enjoyment, which in turn brings amazing Smiles and a sense of Happiness from all those on board.

However, in my personal opinion though, anytime spent on either one of these Vessels, would suit me just fine. Why? Because I know that it isn%u2019t the mode of transportation that%u2019s important, but rather the Experience of which one is allowed to Fully Appreciate The Vast Beauty of Your Surroundings.

Now I don%u2019t know Rusty, but I clearly understand everything that he%u2019s doing. And speaking of which, let me go ahead and try to answer your son%u2019s question Elizabeth, as to why if one Lobster gets caught in a trap why do the others follow

Well Kid this is My Answer. Believe it or not, Lobsters have a very keen sense of Smell. They%u2019re Hunger Driven Predators period!! So therefore it has virtually nothing to do with the other Lobsters following the first one, but rather on something else.

So in plain English, all The Other Lobsters that get caught in the same trap as the first one, are only interested in The FOOD that they are Smelling!! And the other Lobsters want a piece of it before it%u2019s all gone, and that%u2019s regardless of whoever else is in the way. Got it??

Look, Lobsters are very selfish creatures, yet at the same time are very curious if they sense something unusual, which plays beautifully into the hands of the trap man.

Basically what I%u2019m saying is this, if a Lobster%u2019s food is too large for it to eat all at once, they will bury the rest and come back to it later, so that the other Lobsters won%u2019t be able to smell it and steal their food supply. Kid you with me so far??

Furthermore Lobsters love Seclusion, so when they%u2019re feasting on a meal, they can eat it in peace. Therefore people like Rusty here, who knows the Lobster%u2019s habits, set out traps of food that give a Lobster a False Sense of Security, which is why they get caught.

But here%u2019s the trick, since the first Lobster can%u2019t bury the baited food rigged in the cage, the Other Lobsters quickly pick up on the smell and come running as fast as they can directly over to that same location, trying to nab a bit of food for themselves.

The first Lobster is helplessly trapped and can%u2019t hide the source of food from the strong sense of smell from the others. And this process happens over and over again until the trap is full.

However from the looks of all of these glorious pictures, it%u2019s very clear to see, that all of you had a wonderful time on the water and it shows.

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