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Be Your Best on Twitter
by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino on February 19th, 2013

Join Elizabeth on February 26, 2013 at 1pm on BlogTalkRadio University Hosted by BlogTalkRadio's Chitra Agrawal.  Elizabeth will be speaking for one hour about these and other tips for using Twitter.  Call in for the show is (323) 843-6062 or the link is http://www.blogtalkradio.com/marketingclub/2013/02/26/top-10-tips-for-using-twitter
Avoiding Twitter? Baffled by Twitter? Do you think you're all set with just Facebook and that's plenty to keep up with?

Well,  welcome to "Twitter Denial."  That's my official diagnosis for what plagued me, until one day I heard the birds chirping.

I too, looked at it and thought “Why in the world would I ever use this?”  Now here I am a few years later with over 100,000 followers. and was just named one of the Top 3 small businesses in social media from The Shorty Awards.

So Twitter has my attention and hopefully if it doesn't have yours, we can change that.  I’ve used it to help my business and my radio show and will continue to use it to help others promote their endeavors as well.

 I’d like to help you learn 10 ways you can improve your social media presence by using Twitter and be #awesome (pronounced: "hashtag awesome")
You Are Not Too Old
1.        Grab your bifocals and get on Twitter.  Yes, I know you are "already on Facebook" and "that's plenty."  Yes, I know the phone is too small to see.  Yes, I know you miss books, magazines and the days when milk was delivered to your doorstep. I hear you.  Minus the milk delivery, I said basically the same thing.   I'm nearly 44 and I thought I was too old.    Think again.  The most common reason for not joining Twitter that I hear is "I am too old for that."  

That, to me, is code for "I just don't understand how to use this."  You are not alone.  People say "I'm too old" and "What's the point" to me often.   Get over it and try.  I will show you how to comfortably connect with me and others and in no time, you'll be up chirping at the crack of dawn like the rest of us.

Oh, and I’m finally using Twitter on my new smart phone too.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, you can find me perched behind my laptop/desktop too, I am over 40, you know.   My kids at first found it annoying and now they think it is cool.  Just last night I heard that I have more followers than some popular TV show they watch.  #awesome. 

Lose the excuses and go to http://www.Twitter.com and join.

Learn New Concepts
2.  It's hard for us, over a certain age to just dive right in a learn new things, but for this we need to teach you a few new things and you need to learn some new words.

The first step is to go to http://www.twitter.com and join.  You will create a name. So for example, mine is BestEverYou.  On Twitter that makes me @BestEverYou or you can visit my page at http://www.twitter.com/BestEverYou.

Once you have your username all set, to use Twitter, look at the home page and Compose a tweet.  The concept is much like texting only instead of using a phone number to deliver your message, you are going to type in, for example "Hello @BestEverYou"

You then check your @Connect for information coming to you from others.   

From any tweet you can reply or retweet.  Retweet means to share information to your followers that someone has sent you.

So Just try that and tweet me to learn.

Let's go over "internet speak" too while we are at it.   It's talking short, talking text, shortening words and using slang.    #awesome for example, isn't "pound awesome" or "pound-sign awesome".  It is "hashtag awesome".    (I'll explain what I hashtag is shortly.)

A # (hashtag) is something fairly useful that helps you keep up what is popular or trending on Twitter.

 Lose the Excuses
3.       Why Not Give It a Try.  “What’s the point of it?” or “I don’t get it” or “This is stupid” or “This is dumb” are the next reasons I run into for not being on Twitter.   Remember, while learning this, your brain goes on hold and suspend your notions that this is for kids/texters. It's useful and a great free promotion tool!  It's so easy that people try to over-complicate it,   Usually people wind up saying, "That's It? This is so easy!!"

What's Your Why?
4.  For Dell'Amore in Vermont, their "why" seemed clear.  "We are a business and need to connect with more consumers via social media, It's a great way to expose our brand to an audience we might not reach otherwise. In addition, sharing company news, recipes, etc with our growing fan base is very rewarding," says Frank Dell'Amore, Owner.  

For others, the point may be more blurry to just connect with others, find friends, etc...   I'd encourage everyone to find their why.  In other words, join, learn it and then discover why you are there.  Usually the reasons you are there become more clear as time passes.  I know one grandma, my mom, who loves connecting with her grandkids on social media and can really talk to them about what they are involved in because she is paying attention to their world.

It really can be whatever you want it to be or not be.   The possibilities are never-ending.

Pay Attention and Be Present
5.   The world around you right now is on social media.  Be Present.  This means to your children too.  If you aren't connected with your friends, family, co-workers, children and others on Twitter, Facebook or other social media circles you could be missing out.   Try to keep up.  Technology is changing.

As far as your kids are concerned, as a mom of 4 teenage boys, I would caution that you are not fully present and submerged in their world for real if you are not connected with them on these mediums.  Parent nods and 1/2 listening or partially paying attention don't work. Pay attention.  Tweet, text, facebook, get on Xbox, etc...

 It's also not totally safe to have them on the internet and not be paying attention to what they are doing.   This includes video games as those are from the internet now also with headphones and live chats with others around the world.

The  Biggest Mistake People Make on Twitter
6.   The most common mistake I see being made is a ton of information being sent out by a user, but no retweets, replies or interactions.   So let me teach you:  Find me @BestEverYou.  Go to Twitter and type hello @BestEverYou.   You have officially tweeted.    Here’s the thing: You aren’t done.  Now go back on twitter and check your @Connect. You will see interactions and mentions.   These are the areas where people have tweeted about you or to you.  You have some choices.  Ignore it and keep using twitter wrong or reply or retweet.  Information on Twitter flows in circles, not just in one way street fashion.
It's Not All About You
7.       Go back to Kindergarten and learn to share: Gone are the ME, ME, ME – I, I, I days.  It’s us and we.  Together.   A good rule of the twitter verse or any social media format is 1-2 things about you promoting you and 10-15 about others and get on the retweets!   Find your social media buddy and cross-promote, share, retweet and increase that circle to 10-15 people you know that you can count and and more importantly they can also count on you.

Connect with these Twitter Users.  
   Search on Twitter for what interests you.  Don't be afraid to connect with new people.  Here are some Twitter peeps I recommend: @FredCuellar @GreenSkyDeb @BlogTalkRadio @GabeBerman @DebraOakland @DrAlexConcorde @DrKatieE @HeshieSegal @Joe_Schoolcraft @KeithKeller @DabneyPorte @LisaTener @DrDavidFraser
8.       Get out there and VOTE!  One of the nicest social media gestures just might be a vote or a retweet.  You will see lots of people asking for you to vote and share.  Do it.  It helps another person.
Find Your Twitter Circle 
9.         Find your social media buddy and cross-promote, share, retweet and increase that circle to 10-15 people you know that you can count and and more importantly they can also count on you.   Share information.  Pay attention to each other.  These become people you can trust in a spam-filled environment.
Size Doesn't Matter
10.     Size doesn’t matter.  Number crunchers will ask: How many followers? How many fans? Really??  Don’t compare and despair, just do your best.  If you reach one person and treat them with kindness and respect, you are both better off as a result of connecting in social media.  That is the goal.  Treat others with kindness and respect.

About Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Hay House author, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino is the CEO and Founder of The Best Ever You Network and host of top-rated program The Best Ever You Show, on Blog Talk Radio. Elizabeth, a mom of four boys, has a degree in Mass Communications and Broadcasting, is a Certified Professional Life Coach and is a food allergy expert and survivor. The Best Ever You Network (www.besteveryou.com) is a leading multi-media provider of lifestyle content to help you be your best. Elizabeth's book Percolate - Let Your Best Self Filter Through is set to be released August 20, 2013 (Hay House)

Click here to follow me or find me on Twitter. @BestEverYou

ps- If you see a typo, just let me know ;)

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