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Appreciate Those Around Us - Best Ever You
by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino on November 28th, 2011

Appreciating Those Around Us
By Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

People are each other’s greatest asset.

One person sews. One cooks really well. Another talented person bakes. People produce amazing websites. One person is a doctor, another stays home to take care of kids. One person writes and another trains dogs. One is a fitness instructor and another is a model. One is a great graphic designer and another an editor and the list goes on and on.

When you discover the world of people and all they have to offer without being scared, jealous, negative or comparing, but rather supportive, positive and promoting, your whole world can change.

One person can’t do it all. If I came over to train your dog, most surely you would giggle. It takes all kinds to make the world go round and round.

My message is short and simple - Appreciate each other! Discover the people around you. Learn from one another and explore and meet new people. We all seem to struggle with most of the same issues in one form or another.

Women in particular, can be each other’s own worst enemies. I’d like to think the shenanigans end is high school, but I’ve always struggled with why it even occurs at all. I don’t have that answer, but I do know that some women never leave their high school behavior behind. Jealous, comparing, back-stabbing, rude, gossiping, snooty behavior is something I still witness and even from people in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond. I’ll never understand it and can’t control others, but I will say that the only thing you can do is change your reaction and response to people like this, or ignore it, take the high road and stay consistent in your own positive, supportive behavior. You may also evaluate the situation and decide to purge and protect. Purge the relationship or people from your life and rid yourself of the drama and negativity and they way they weigh you down!

Don’t keep up with the Jones Family either. Scratch below their surface too and there are just as many issues, if not far more. You’ll also sometimes see outside great and horrific insides. Try to just keep up with yourself and be the best asset to yourself and those around you. Looks fade, $200 pairs of jeans wear out, shoes wear out, expensive purses get worn, furniture wears, houses age, cars break and in all that is YOU. Your personality and how you treated yourself and those around you to the best of your abilities.

Be the asset. Be in a good mood. Be positive. Be appreciative.

My Best,

About Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
Elizabeth is the Founder and CEO of The Best Ever You Network. This is a drama free zone.

ps- If you see a typo in this (or 10 ), it's because I am the typo queen. Liz is on vacation and so I go it alone.... just let me know and I'll fix it.

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Deanna - December 1st, 2011 at 10:16 AM
I think it's so true that women, who should be each others' greatest supporters, often are each others' greatest detractors, and I find it very unfortunate. As a female manager, I always work twice as hard to get through to the women I work with, because they immediately pass judgement on me based on appearance or what I'm wearing, instead of paying attention to the quality of character. I'll never understand why women are so hard on women, but I frequently prefer the company of male friends, because I always know where I stand with them.
Kate Hawkes - December 1st, 2011 at 7:28 PM
I have been blessed over the years to meet, work and play with women whose generosity, confidence and capacity for friendship have taught me how to be the same. Most of these are in the theatre arts - actresses, writers, directors and producers. Maybe it is because we are in a field that demands of us 2 things: that we handle being told 'That is not right - try it again.' (it comes with the territory); and that we learn to support others in order to give the best we can give. Very quickly if you are not capable of those simple collaborative skills the word gets out and in the theatre business - well, you are a dime a dozen.

I also learned to deal with my own anxieties, self criticism and to ask for help - because when I don't then it is too easy to project that onto others. This, by the way, did not happen overnight!

Of course this all assumes that each of us have a strong sense of center of Self and Personal Power in the best sense of the words. To me it is something that comes from within and entails personal responsibility and discipline. I advocate the arts as a means to uncover and nurture that gift!
Lisa Tener - January 8th, 2012 at 7:51 PM
I wonder if so much of it depends on environment. Now that I work for myself, I don't see that kind of dynamic with women much at all. And I didn't really see much of that in the nonprofit I worked for, for 10 years. Saw more of it in the corporate world, but it depended on the environment of the company.
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