Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
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Sue Jacques, The Civility CEO

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino is one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met. Not only is she is upbeat, enthusiastic, supportive, smart and fearless, Elizabeth is the real deal. If you look up the word ‘genuine’ in the dictionary, you’ll see her lovely face smiling back at you!”

Sue Jacques ~ The Civility CEO™ Practitioner | Speaker | Adviser

Dale Little

Elizabeth is a powerhouse of positive energy, enthusiasm and altruism. She is certainly someone that you want on your professional team! Elizabeth's Best Ever You platform is packed with timely information, presented in a user friendly format.

Dale Little - Speaker | Business Strategist | Consultant

Coach John Brubaker

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino is what every CEO should aspire to be; a genuine and authentic ambassador of her brand. She executes the very principles she and her experts espouse and is a model of what her BEY community members aspire to become -- successful. I do not define success as reaching a pinnacle in one area only to neglect other areas of life. Rather I define success, as Elizabeth does, to mean the balanced achievement in all areas of life: professional, personal and family. She is a visionary business leader yet does not allow this dedication to overtake her family and personal responsibilities. This is the ultimate example of leadership in my opinion."

- John Brubaker, Performance Consultant.

Actress Brianna Brown

Elizabeth is one of those rare ladies who actually lead by example, who strives to always grow and live in integrity, and who really wants to make a difference to help others.

Actress Brianna Brown

Scott Madsen - MN

Thanks for sharing all your great posts. I feel thankful to receive your empowering messages. My attitude is always in a better place at the finish line of each blog.
"If our lives touch, my goal is that we are both our best as a result." - Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, Founder/CEO, The Best Ever You Network

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Michael McGlone

"Elizabeth Hamilton is a generous, intelligent and super talented woman...whose professional success might only be matched by her personal quality..."

Michael McGlone - August 2011

Shea Vaughn

Elizabeth inspirers you to be your best in every aspect of your life. To touch hearts and make a difference by the examples you set. She is a great friend, mother and wife. Her natural love for giving is the valued treasure she shares; the gift of giving of herself

Shea Vaughn - June / 2012

Vinod Bhathija

I would like to thank Elizabeth for giving us the Best Ever You Network. I am enjoying it all, whether it is the talk show or whether it is its community, it is just amazing and pretty informtaive and with her big family, she giving so much time to the Network and us is a blessing to us. She is one beautiful soul and I praise for all she is doing. Thank you, Elizabeth for all the determination and work, I wish you all the best & God Bless!!

Vinod Bhathija

Anthony Turk

I love Elizabeth. She is so passionate and driven with all of her projects...just thinking about what she does on a daily basis wears me out. She is an amazing gal!"

Dr. David Fraser

Elizabeth thoroughly deserves her growing success with Best Ever You and we are fortunate to have her leading the network and making so much available for us all to benefit from. She is a model host, in many senses of the word, but especially in relation to her radio show. Elizabeth is a shining example of courage, generosity, and love. And simply great to work with. I feel very fortunate to have been invited to guest on her show.

John Brewer

“Elizabeth is a beautiful woman inside and out! In addition to her tireless radio, magazine, and website work, Elizabeth is an integral part of her sons' extracurricular and sports activities. We would all be very fortunate to possess Elizabeth’s desire and willingness to help others.”

John Brewer - August / 2011

Nathan Osmond

"Elizabeth is doer, not a talker. She is on a mission to help all of us become our best ever selves. She is inspiring, talented and a joy to listen to. I was honored to be a guest on her show and hope to be invited back soon."

Nathan Osmond - Country singer

Dr. Katie Eastman

"Elizabeth is a bright, enthusiastic and well informed professional. Her tireless energy and dedication to her family and her craft make her a desirable candidate for many aspects of media presentation. Best Ever You is a creative, innovative and cutting edge format for supporting people's everyday wants and wishes. It is easy to navigate and provides helpful advice and products to improve every aspect of our daily lives. "

Dr Katie Eastman

Natalie Pace

"Beautiful smile. Beautiful soul. Boundless energy. Able to juggle four boys (including hubbie), spaghetti boiling on the stove and cell phone without spilling. Perfect CEO for Best Ever You!"

Natalie Pace

Dr. Jo Anne White

Elizabeth is everything a radio host, coach and visionary entrepreneur aspires to be. With her genuine warmth, talent, and ability to simultaneously touch so many lives, she is a genuine example of a soul filled with love and with the desire and ability to make a difference.

She has made a significant difference in my life and I feel forever blessed to know her and partner with her in several endeavors. Thank you Elizabeth and keep shining your bright light.

Dr Jo Anne White
International Author, Speaker, Coach and Healer