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The Gaults...Truly the Best Ever
By Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
Photos by Stacie Isabella Turk

As Published in Best Ever YOU Magazine, June 2010 - Magazine Contains Additional Exclusive Photos

To me, they are like Best Ever YOU’s Prom King and Queen, a handsome star Football Player and his stunning Queen, who just so happens to be an amazing singer. Together, they are an absolute delight to be around and I can’t help but smile to myself whenever I hear mention of their name or see their photograph. They truly bring me joy and make me feel happy. It is this impact that both Willie Gault and his wife Suzan Brittan Gault have on all those they meet.I had the great pleasure to sit down and talk to both of them and learn what incredible role models they both are.

I wish I could have been there when Willie politely and casually asked our photographer if she would like for him to go get his Superbowl trophy and Olympic Medals from the vault so she could photograph him with them.

So, I admit it, several weeks have now passed between my interview with the Gaults, and I’ve just now mustered the courage to sit down and write. But for me, this article must be GREAT! It needs to showcase all of the amazing things about them both, individually and as a couple. I can write an entire novel just based on how honored we are to have the
Gaults on Best Ever YOU’s website, in our magazine and allowing us a personal photo shoot.

Grace and Beauty are always the first words that come to mind when I think of them. I’m sure that is exactly
how Football Great Willie Gault wants to be described – graceful and beautiful. Honestly, he is so nice. Even our photographer Stacie Isabella Turk said, “I spent hours at their beautiful home, and seriously they are both just flat out nice! And did I mention that they both happen to be incredibly gorgeous?”

It was also a whole lot of fun to talk to them on the phone. We went back in time to Griffin, Georgia, where early on people and even Willie himself, knew that he was faster and better at sports than anyone else around, and was really good at sports too. At age 10, he played baseball and by 9th and 10th grade he was running track and playing football. It was quickly obvious how great he was and was instantly a favorite of scouts from all over. I asked him, if at that age he knew he could be an Olympian and professional football player. He did.

Now Suzan grew up in Vestal, NY and attended Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY. She has a BFA in Music and Theater with a minor in Dance. But it was during spring break of her senior year that she discovered Southern California, “It was a place where my nose didn’t freeze,” she says, “It’s all about the weather for me.”

And it was there in Southern California that the two, crossed paths. They met in 1995, a time when Suzan produced commercials in which Willie appeared. Both were married at this juncture in their lives, but they were drawn to each other and quickly became friends. Soon after meeting, they both divorced their partners and were married.

I think my favorite photograph we took of the Gaults is of them dancing.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, she is a soccer mom, actress, singer and songwriter. He works out daily, 3-4 hours, mostly with the Olympic Track team. “Really, anything you do 20-30-60 minutes per day, especially aerobics is good for your heart and good for you,” says Gault, “I also have never drank alcohol, done drugs and am a vegetarian.” She on
the other hand laughs and says, “I like Martini’s.”

And so they dance. I don’t think they realize anyone is watching. I ask them if they realize how great of role models they are, and Willie explains, “I had such wonderful role models as a child and growing up. I have a great family, a great mom, and great teachers and coaches. I was so fortunate as a child and had so many people that really cared about me throughout my life.” It is clearly obvious these two have so much to offer and to so many!

Best friend and Fitness Hall of Famer, Forbes Riley says, “With regard to Willie and Suzan, whom I have both known for many years, they are easily one of Hollywood’s Hottest Most Glamorous Couples. I first met Willie in an acting class with the late Milton Katsales and found him to be charming, open, and possessed a lot of inner strength - he is also such an amazing physical specimen! But when I spent time with him and learned his secret - no one trains harder or eats better than Willie - he is a true athlete in spirit, knowledge and execution. He walks the walk! Then there’s Suzan, the stunning, exotic actress/singer with a heart of gold and a motherly energy second to none. My husband actually met her almost two decades ago, when she was working a day job in anoffice next to Barbara Boxer Campaign Headquarters where my husband was working on the finance team. She and I have been friends, have co-starred in plays together in Los Angeles and are truly supportive of one another and on so many levels. I am lucky and grateful to have such dynamic, genuine people in my life who inspire me every day!”

Inspiring is exactly what they are. People dream of playing football like he did for the University of Tennessee, the Chicago
Bears and the Los Angeles Raiders. People dream of being a renowned Olympian like, Willie, or of having a successful singing and acting career like Suzan’s. How do they do all that they do and remain so grounded and happy? Willie
answers, “We are just people like everyone else. We have the same problems and are just trying to do and
be our best. That’s our motto.”

They are also doing quite a bit in helping others. Willie founded “The Athletes For Life Foundation (AFL)” and helps out with
the foundation, “Save Lives One Heart at a Time.” He founded the AFL after a series of months when three very close friends and former Football players died of heart disease. The Foundation provides mobile testing for people who may never be able to receive testing. “It does not distinguish between those who have and those who have not,” Gault says.
“We provide testing of such a high quality above and beyond that what a normal EKG could provide, to anyone.”

When Willie Gault founded this, he sought to bring together opportunity, education, medical technology, and wellness programs across a broad range of demographics and organizations. “The AFL Foundation is committed to changing that for the better by bringing together human energy, passion, cutting-edge technology, and a compassionate understanding of community needs. We work towards providing health care, life opportunity, and equality for all people in
need,” Gault says.

Steve Cantrell, of the AFL Foundation, is a close friend of both Willie and Suzan. He states, “I’ve known Willie & Suzan for over 5 years. I first met Willie at an executive mixer and when he spoke about starting the foundation, I was enchanted by his generous and caring demeanor. Not many professional athletes are as giving as him. He and I spoke after the mixer, discussed the foundation and if I could assist him with it. He then proceeded to call me for 2 weeks straight further discussing the foundation, its principles, and asking for help. I agreed to help out and was convinced after we first met that it was the right thing to do. Soon after, I met his wife Suzan and found she has the same passion as Willie. We have all become close friends and they are two of the most incredibly gracious and giving people you will ever meet. They are also great friends and mentors to my children!”

The Gault’s feel they have a calling to do more. Willie continues, “Every hour 100 people die of heart disease and that number is on the rise. We’d like to be able to provide preventative measures to this. The Foundation’s semi-truck comes equipped with state of the art technology that is 100 times better than an EKG. Cantrell adds, “Also a typical EKG stress test is extremely expensive and if heart disease is not detected early, overall treatment costs will be enormous. We provide affordable testing to encourage preventative care and early detection of heart disease to assure sufficient and less costly treatment. My own heart loves this couple.

They are so down-to-earth, we can even ask Suzan about her hair. (I admit it. I am completely fascinated by her curls and gorgeous hair!) For those curious, like me: It is all real. She leaves conditioner in. She uses a 5/8 curling iron and Redken 16 gel. It is curly on its own and she uses a diffuser when she blows it dry. I’m also fascinated by her clothes, but that is a whole other article. Oh, ok, Willie’s green shirt in his photo is by Ted Baker. They assure me they are just normal, real people. I need to double check first, before I get off the phone.

“Any secrets?” I ask, “Is there anything I can know that the readers of Best Ever YOU can learn that no one else knows about you.”

“Yes,” Suzan said, “Willie loves my Red Velvet Cake and I will share with your readers the recipe!”

editor’s note: I personally, think it might be heart-shaped!

You both really are The Best Ever! Thank you for allowing us into your lives.

From Suzan:
“This is the cake I make for Willie every month since we got married August 2, 2008 - it was our wedding cake! I don’t add cocoa to the batter because he doesn’t like chocolate.”

Cake Batter:
1 cup Vegetable shortening
2 eggs
1 cup buttermilk
2 1/2 cups cake flour
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 oz Red Food Color
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp vinegar

Cream Cheese Frosting:
1 cup unsalted butter
1 cup confectioner’s sugar
1 cup shredded sweetened coconut
1 tsp lemon juice & add a few shavings of zest
16 oz Cream Cheese
1 cup confectioner’s sugar
1 cup shredded sweetened coconut
1 tsp lemon juice & add a few shavings of zest
16 oz Cream Cheese