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Fran Pitre

Twins, Twins, Twins

My name is Fran Circe Pitre, and in October of 2007, I gave birth to my third set of twins. In itself, I agree that this seems a bit unbelievable to most, but to my husband and I, they are simply six miracles because we were unable to conceive a child for years and years.

Through the trials and disappointments, we struggled while holding on to our faith that God would guide us in the right directions. My husband Bruce and I were raised in Catholic homes, taught traditional Christian values, and grew up learning from our parents’ examples of honesty and integrity. When we were married, we decided to center our relationship on our Christian belief system, and to make our life choices by following the WWJD (what would Jesus do?) motto. Generally, this system wasn’t too hard to apply to the day-to-day circumstances that arose, but after enduring nearly six years of infertility, we’d been pushed to our limits and came to a difficult cross road.

At this point, our doctor told us that we had a slim chance at conceiving without significant assistance. We were highly encouraged by more than one specialist to undergo the ART (assisted reproductive technology) procedure called In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Knowing only basic knowledge of the procedure, I decided to learn all there was to learn about the IVF process before I would agree to pursue it. While doing some research, I learned that our Catholic Church disapproved of IVF for reasons of life sanctity. Embryos created in petri dishes are human beings that, once alive, do not all survive the transfer (to the womb) process, nor do they all survive the cryo-preservation (freezing and thawing of leftover embryos) process. I was caught in a painful dilemma. I knew many couples that had successfully undergone IVF, and while this procedure was the right decision for them, it was becoming apparent that it wasn’t the right choice for me. Bruce and I knew the facts, and we weren’t at all naïve. We understood that the laws established by our Christian faith were not there to keep us from living freely and enjoying life, but to protect us from making unhealthy choices for ourselves that may adversely affect ourselves or others.

We continued to look for an answer that would be right for us, and discovered a procedure that, while not unconditionally approved by the Church, could be pursued if certain conditions were met and followed precisely. This procedure was called GIFT (gamete intra-fallopian transfer). It did not involve creating life outside the womb, but would still significantly increase our chances at conceiving. When we requested this option to our doctor, we were turned down because it was considered out-dated technology. We sought out other doctors until we found one who, although still believed that IVF was our best choice, agreed to perform GIFT. Two weeks following the procedure, I learned that I was pregnant … with twins. Four years later, twin pregnancy number two was also a result of GIFT. Our third twin pregnancy, however, did not involve fertility drugs or a surgical procedure, so learning that we were having a third set of twins was the greatest surprise of all. Today, we have twin 15-year-old girls, a 10-year-old boy/girl twin set, and 2-year-old twin boys!

When my last set of twins were four months old, I began to journal my thoughts and experiences for the purpose of catharsis and expression. I realized that as I continued to put it all down on paper, a book was being born. The book’s title is: TWINS x 3: A mom of three sets of twins gives her personal testimony that all things are possible with God. In this book, I share in detail my experiences with long-term infertility, high-risk multiple pregnancies, pre-term labor, pregnancy bed rest, premature babies, breastfeeding twins, parenting and witnessing the growth and relationships of the three different combinations of twin sets, the humor and challenges that come with parenting multiples, experiencing anxiety attacks, postpartum depression, pregnancy over 40, and so much more ... TWINS x 3 is an emotional roller coaster filled with love, faith and family which will cause the reader to laugh, cry and discover common threads in their own lives with each turn of the page.

In addition to being a newly-published author receiving wonderful reader feedback on my book, I continue operate a freelance graphic design business out of my home office when I’m not running kids all over town for school and after-school activities. It’s a very busy life, and while I have prayers, hopes and dreams for my husband and children’s futures, I also continue to plan for more opportunities and goals for myself. After having successfully breastfed my three sets of twins, I feel the need to help other new moms of twins, so I am presently preparing to become a certified lactation consultant. I whole-heartedly believe in the importance and benefits of breastfeeding, and I so enjoy working with and supporting new moms of twins both in our local area and via telephone or email. Is it really possible for a mom to breastfeed multiples? Absolutely, and my children and I are living proof!

A sequel to TWINS x 3 is presently in the process as my children grow, change, and provide me with more and more material to share with our readers. Please visit www.twinsx3.com to take sneak peek at our story, learn what readers are saying about the book, and to order a book for yourself or a friend!

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